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Feeds & Needs for "The Backyard Farmer"

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Farm Supplies, Blue Seal Feeds, Nutrena Feed, Equine Feed/Supplies, Livestock Feed, Poultry, Feed/Scratch, Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Milk Replacers, Pet Supplies, Dog Foods & Treats, Cat Foods & Treats, Small Animal Foods, Caged Bird Diets, Bedding/Litters/Shavings, Hay & Straw, Wild Bird Seed, Bird Feeders, Garden Pest Control, Garden Seeds, Lawn & Garden, Supplies, Fertilizer, Compost, Chicks-Turkeys-Ducklings, Fuel - Coal & Wood Pellets, Wire Fencing, Electric Fencing, Gates/Fences/Accessories, Fly Sprays/Traps, Ice Melt Products, Tack Repair, and more.

What Makes Us Special? 

The Townsend Farmers Exchange is a small, family owned business that simply started with a love for animals. Our staff is very knowledgeable and always happy to help customers with newly obtained animals, projects on the farm, and even just general questions or concerns. And, with each and every season the Farmers Exchange brings new and exciting products to your home and farm. Spring chicks, warm weather gardening, and holiday essentials are just a few of our featured seasonal items. Don't take our word for it - come in and see for yourself!

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